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  1. chaseroyalty:

    Casualties Music Video :)

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  3. thedigitalouthouse:

    MGMT “Kids”

    Here’s the older version of “Kids” that was released in 2005, on the Time To Pretend EP. This, of course, was a few years before they became everything they are today (though I suppose at the most fundamental level, they are still the same band. I also suppose this is off topic and irrelevant, but I wanted to share this thought anyway).

    I actually prefer both this version of “Kids”, as well as “Time To Pretend”, over their later iterations on Oracular Spectacular.

    Why? Well, listen to the breakdown (or synth solo, whatever) in “Kids” and tell me that isn’t the most game-tastic victory song ever? It’s like they knew this song would propel them to stardom, and this was their preemptive, Final Fantasy inspired celebration.

    Or maybe not. But I still like it better.